Do your living space and personal style showcase your true self, personality or what I call your essence?

Did you know that your living space and style has the power to enhance and transform your life?

Are you fully utilizing that power?


Welcome, I’m Lindsley.

I’m a feng shui practitioner and personal stylist who specializes in residential and fashion feng shui.

I am passionate about bringing beauty, consciousness, and harmony to your living space, personal style, and life.

Consciousness starts with bringing more awareness to how you live in your life – specifically, how you live in your living space and your clothes.

I call this sacred living and living with intention.

Because whether you realize it or not, everything is energy – from the clothes, we wear to the furniture items we bring in our home.

Everything gives off a vibe or energy that reverberates and communicates out into the world.

Sound woo woo?! It’s not. It’s Science.

The question is, is this energy you’re subconsciously communicating helping or hurting you?

Is it helping you attract or distract you from your best life – healthy, happiness, peace and love?

This is about taking a more proactive role in your life. It’s about getting clear about the life you want to create and the energy you want to emanate in the world. It’s about using your style and your home to enhance your life – and have you look and feel fabulous while you do it!

Life transformation starts in your home and your closet!

So welcome to my online home! While you’re here, you will find information about how I work and how we can work together. You’ll find events/workshops/programs I offer. And you’ll get my musings on what I’m learning, seeing, or experiencing that might bring more beauty and harmony into your life, style and space!

Ask yourself…  Do my life, space, and style – reflect the essence who I am?

No? Let’s talk! xo


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