“Let Go or Be Dragged” – Zen Proverb

The fall season is one of my favorite times of year. I love watching the leaves gradually turn colors and delicately fall from the branches. The trees effortlessly release and surrender to a new season. It’s nature’s beautiful reminder of how to handle change and letting go.

Unfortunately, I don’t always let go or adapt to change as gracefully as nature does. I have a bittersweet relationship to change. I hate it. I crave it. And every time I think I can control or avoid it, I create all sorts of stress for myself.

I’ve recently moved across the country for the first time in my life. For the most part, I’ve loved this new season filled with exciting adventures. But as with any change or transitional season, I am trying to find the healthy balance of letting go and holding on.

And let me just say, its not always easy! (more…)

My imperfectly-perfect first blog post!

Surprised to hear from me? I’m finally sending out my first blog post!  Better late than never, right?!  It’s perfect timing, really.

I kept thinking I needed to wait till I had something inspiring or profound to share with you, so you’d want to read it. So you’d like me. In other words, I wanted it to be perfect.  The problem with trying to make things “perfect”, though, is that perfectionism creates procrastination and is driven by fear.

Oh and it’s sly too… I told myself that I was perfecting my craft and trying to master this whole writing thing. It is an illusion. Perfectionism is filled with good intentions. The irony is, it never feels perfect – so things never get finished, risks never get taken and we stay stuck. (more…)