Temple of Fire + FIRE Playlist

Temple of Fire + FIRE Playlist

Maybe its because its the rebirth season, maybe its my own metaphorical inner flame burning away my winter, maybe its a desire for my own renewal and resurrection… But whatever it is… I’ve been fascinated by the Fire Element lately. Fire has been showing up as a theme in all my art, music and words that I create and feel inspired by lately.  

In ancient and spiritual texts and art, fire is a symbol for transformation, healing, and purification of the soul.

Shamans and Native American Traditions hold Fire Ceremonies to burn and let go of the the old patterns, beliefs, etc. Out of the ashes comes new growth, new thoughts and new ideas.

Jesus was said to baptize with the Holy Spirit and Fire.

 The Phoenix, a mythical bird, was said to be the “Keeper of the Fire of Creation”. It would come back to life after burning and resurrect from the ashes, renewed and transformed.

 Rumi says, “The time has come to turn your heart into a temple of Fire”.

 So what is so special about Fire? It brings rebirth. Its basic movement is upward towards the heavens… metaphorically allowing for deeper spiritual awareness and transfiguration.

 In this season of rebirth and renewal, ask yourself… What is being alchemized by “Fire” so that something new in me can be born?

In honor of all the inner flames burning brighter everywhere, I’ve made a Fire playlist for your listening enjoyment… xo