Whether you are already a bonafide artist or analytical trying to tap into your right brain and get your creative juices flowing – this post is for you!

Believe it or not, your space and environment affect your ability to focus, be inspired and create.

Today’s post will show you how to transform your space so you can easily call in your creative muses!

The secret to a creative environment is harmonizing your mind, body, and space with beauty! And then all you’ll have to do is simply allow the creative muses to flow through you!

Enjoy! xo


1. Declutter (Mentally and Physically)

Things taking up space in your room are things taking up space in mind. You can’t call in the muses when you’re already filled to the brim with unnecessary stuff.

Start, with yourself: Use stillness and silence to center yourself. Clear out the “mind clutter” – stray thoughts, stray emotions, energetic ‘static’ that disturbs the resonance of your body/spirit/mind.

Next, your physical space: Clean (vaccum, dust, etc.), declutter and organize to create clarity. Remove anything no longer useful or necessary in your chosen space. Don’t let stacks of papers, clunky furniture, old books, broken items and too much stuff accumilate. It can cause stagnation or result in resistance. If left unattended, it can manifest in other forms of chaos and feeling “stuck”.

2. Resonance

Basic science tells us that everything is energy. The space in your environment is a vibrating field of energy. So what is the energy frequency attuned to?? Creativity? Boredom? Distraction? Serenity?

The term Resonance (from Latin resonantia, ‘echo’, from resonare, ‘resound’) originates from the field of acoustics, particularly observed in musical instruments.

As a musician tunes her instruments before a performance, it is the primary responsibility of the artist to cultivate ‘presence’ in order to ‘tune’ into the space.

In order to become a vessel for spirit and inspiration to flow, you must create inner harmony and bring yourself, and, the space, into a powerful resonance. This allows your own mental static and egoic expectations to come into the present moment and allow what wants to be channeled to come through you.

3.  Lighting

Lighting is a BIG part of the overall feel and energy of a room.  Natural light is best for thinking clearly. Personally, I can’t write in a room without a window. It’s literally impossible for me to think. However, I know you studio musicians often have to go into a dark cave, a.k.a. studio, to record… so work with what you have to “amp” up the lighting in other ways with dimmers, lamps, etc …  (like that pun there?!;)

4. Furniture

Furniture placement and arrangement affect the flow of energy in a space. In Feng Shui, having your desk and chair facing out into the room as opposed to facing a wall is considered the “power” or “command” position. Believe it or not, this position will greatly affect how empowered you feel working in the room.

What material is your desk, work table or console? Do you prefer a wood desk, metal, or glass? Or maybe you have a makeshift set-up that you use? Those things affect your productivity and focus. Knowing your feng shui element type can tell you which desk is best for you.

5. Sight

What are you looking at while trying to be creative? A blank wall? Chaotic art? Serene landscape? Keep visuals and images inspiring because what you’re looking at affects your subconscious. If it doesn’t light you up when you see it, get it out of your line of view. Put up art that helps you focus and creates a fun environment.

6. Greenery + Flowers

Keeping a plant or flowers in your creative space is amazing for your well-being and productivity. Bamboo shoots, peace lilies, colorful flowers, and succulents raise the vibration and bring beauty to a room.

7. Smells

Scents like peppermint and ginger stimulate the mind, while lavender and rose are calming. Put a few drops of whichever you choose in a diffuser that you can keep near you while you work. They now have USB diffusers that you can plug into your computer to power on as you work.

*Don’t forget to use sage, palo santo, and incense to clear out stagnate energy AFTER you clean and declutter. This will raise the vibration of the room and surroundings.

8. Dress Up!

Mindfully adorn yourself in colors, jewelry, clothes, etc. that reflect the intention of what you are wanting to create. Colors affect your mood and enhance your productivity.

For example: Blue, increases productivity and mental stimulation. Red, increases energy and stimulates the heart chakra. Yellow, increases concentration and inspires creativity.


9. Crystals

Rocks and gemstones are considered a Metal element in Feng Shui. The metal element is used to focus energy in an organized manner.

I love using quartz, tourmaline, and pyrite in spaces for energy clearing, minimizing EMF waves from electronics, and grounding everyone in the room.

Alchemē’s own crystal and stone expert, Eliza Ann, suggests Sodalite to help you express your truth, to yourself and to others freely. And Citrine help with enhancing your creativity.

10. Eat Live Whole Foods

Fresh fruits and vegetables keep us grounded, nourished, and hydrated – all of which are amazing for creativity and productivity. Eating live whole foods is a refreshing way to enhance good vibes and open your intuition, inspiration, and ideas!


How do you get you and your space ready to be creative?? Leave me a comment below! xo