Feel like you’re stuck in-between certainty and uncertainty?? Or like the “walls are coming in” on your life?? Feng Shui the transitional areas of your home. These spaces are the hallways, foyers, and corridors that connect one room to the other. They are like the veins and arteries to your heart and lungs that feed chi energy throughout your home. They are the connectors. These areas of your home directly affect your breathing patterns too.

Ways to Feng Shui the transitional areas of your home: 
1. Remove any clutter or unnecessary furnishings and objects
2. Hallways and pass-through spaces should have at least 3-4ft. width.
3. Avoid placing furniture in hallways that encroach upon a comfortable width.
4. Keep chi energy evenly distributed in hallways.

  • If the hallway is dark and narrow be sure to add adequate lighting and a lighter paint color.
  • For hallways that end with a door or window at the end, slow dow the energy before it reaches the end with rugs, window shades or by keeping the door closed to avoid energy rushing down and out.