Sudden change, disappointment or longing can leave us feeling like we’re in a long dark hallway searching for the light switch.

I call this the hallway of transition… when one door has closed but the new one hasn’t opened yet.

As uncomfortable, clumsy and irritating as the dark hallway can be, I’ve come to believe that it’s also a very necessary part of the process.

My inner emotional adult knows I’ve experienced and overcome dark painful hallways of transition before. It knows the hallway will eventually birth and prepare me for somewhere new. But the emotional child in me fears that this time, this one “unique” time, will be THE time when it won’t work out as well as it did before … it fears that THIS time the hallway will go on… forevvveeerrr.

But here’s the reality… nothing… NOTHING… stays the same. Ever. Life is cyclical. It’s not linear. When there is death, a closed door, or an end of an era… new life will ALWAYS come.

But here’s the REAL secret … there is life in the hallway too.

The hallway is a holding space, an incubator for new life to form… These moments of transition are the paradoxes of life. It’s during these times that we are both afraid and hopeful… held and not held… We are both at the mercy of life and in the grace of life… The hallway is not either or… The hallway is the… And…

So don’t give up thinking life is over in the hallway. And don’t be in such a frantic hurry to find the next door that you miss the healthy and healing order of things.

You are NOT a victim to the hallway or to anyone else that played a part in you getting there. This hallway is conspiring for you.

You have not come this far to settle… or give up in the hallway.

Light and Love! xo