I have always been sensitive to the energy of people and places. I called this a “vibe” before I knew it was energy. I’m drawn to spaces and seemed to always have a knack for finding cool places to live or explore. I love architecture, interior design and pairing people with the “right” home, which is why I originally got into the real estate business.

I loved real estate. I owned my own real estate company and was the sales director and broker for a large traditional neighborhood development and community in Nashville. I was involved in every part of the process: design, building and selling… but when the 2008 market crash hit, the community and my company was hit hard. I was so heart broken and burned out with all things real estate that I questioned my career and went on a mission to discover my purpose. 

That’s when I started reading everything I could get my hands on about spirituality and how to find your purpose. I hired a life coach who introduced me to words like “the universe” and “energy”. At the time, those words were foreign to me because I was raised in a very traditional Christian home. That process and journey opened me to a whole new world of spirituality and an entirely new career in energy healing and life coaching. During that time, I was also introduced to the word “feng shui” and my passions all started to make sense. Feng shui gave me a language for what I had already been doing intuitively with design, spaces, and people my whole life.

In retrospect, I can see that I didn’t go looking for a career in “energy or spaces”,  it seemed to be looking for me. I now call that process “what’s loving you?” Its when you pay attention to what’s coming across your path and what’s trying to get your attention, as a way the Universe guides you towards your destiny… like “North” on a compass. 

Now I call myself a life stylist a beautiful combination of an intuitive life coach, energy healer, feng shui practitioner and spiritual teacher. 

I’m energized by helping people transform their lives and discover their true self through their living space. I’ve seen firsthand that when the mind, body, spirit, and home are integrated, what’s created is an intentional sacred space not only in their homes but also in their lives…what I call HōM. 

I hope you will find something here that lights you up … so that it might bring more beauty and harmony into your life, and the planet! 

Much love, Lindsley

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