Welcome, I’m Lindsley.

I am a feng shui practitioner who specializes in residential and fashion feng shui. I work with people looking to bring beauty, consciousness, and harmony to their living space, personal style, and lives. 

I am passionate about sacred living: being intentional about everything you do – what you wear, what you bring in your home, to what you put in your psyche. 

I incorporate my experience + training in divine feminine studies, psychology, spirituality, reiki, astrology, kinesiology, yoga, artistry, makeup artistry and personal styling.

You will hear me use words like energy, Alchemy, soul, and transformation. I believe in an unseen realm of Divine Love. I am fascinated by the concept of magic, mystery and reconnecting to the earth to heal us … I love the mythological process of Alchemy… The idea of turning metal into gold… nothing into to something, ashes into beauty, imbalance into balance, stuckness into being-in-the-flow.

In all the work I do, there is one goal… 

To help you live in alignment and congruent with your true nature. 

Because when you are, you are in alignment with the Universe. 

When you are in alignment with Universe, you are in harmony with all of Life. 

And then your life becomes… magical… 

I hope you will find something here that lights you up … so that it might bring more beauty and harmony into your life, and the planet! 

Much love, Lindsley

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