Body LOVE photoshoot. Finding Home In Your Body, Your House + Earth.

Body LOVE photoshoot. Finding Home In Your Body, Your House + Earth.

A few weeks ago I had the honor and privilege of being a creative director for my friend, Mary Hyatt‘s  BODY LOVE campaign. The message was simple, though, unfortunately not easy: love your body – No. Matter. What.

A room full of women of all shapes, sizes and colors came together with a unified message of self-love and self-acceptance.

It was seriously one of the sweetest and most heart warming moments I have ever experienced…walking in and seeing everyone standing proud and loving themselves in their lingerie… each one stunning. The energy in the room was palpable…chills and tears.  Even after the photo shoot, no one was in a hurry to cover themselves up or leave.

Vulnerability met with true acceptance eradicates shame. 

These women embodied TRUE BEAUTY.

Now more than ever it is vital for us to live a life fully embodied. To fully embody our bodies and our spaces means to fill them up with our energy and our essence. The only way to do that is to believe that we are worthy and valuable enough to be here and be seen.

Whether space is our physical bodies, our structural homes, or our home of Mother Earth – becoming more conscious of how we embody these different “homes” is part of our path towards enlightenment.

How we do anything is how we do everything, right!? 

Do you see a correlation between how you treat your body, aka your physical home, and how you live in your structural home? Or what about how you live in your residential home and how you treat Mother earth?

Conscious living is about embodying and bringing more awareness to all the spaces you live in – your body, your home and your earth home…

When you begin to honor one, you honor them all…

Light and Love! xo

Feng Shui Your Hallway During Life Transitions

Feng Shui Your Hallway During Life Transitions

Feel like you’re stuck in-between certainty and uncertainty?? Or like the “walls are coming in” on your life?? Feng Shui the transitional areas of your home. These spaces are the hallways, foyers, and corridors that connect one room to the other. They are like the veins and arteries to your heart and lungs that feed chi energy throughout your home. They are the connectors. These areas of your home directly affect your breathing patterns too.

Ways to Feng Shui the transitional areas of your home: 
1. Remove any clutter or unnecessary furnishings and objects
2. Hallways and pass-through spaces should have at least 3-4ft. width.
3. Avoid placing furniture in hallways that encroach upon a comfortable width.
4. Keep chi energy evenly distributed in hallways.

  • If the hallway is dark and narrow be sure to add adequate lighting and a lighter paint color.
  • For hallways that end with a door or window at the end, slow dow the energy before it reaches the end with rugs, window shades or by keeping the door closed to avoid energy rushing down and out.
Hallways Of Life

Hallways Of Life

Sudden change, disappointment or longing can leave us feeling like we’re in a long dark hallway searching for the light switch.

I call this the hallway of transition… when one door has closed but the new one hasn’t opened yet.

As uncomfortable, clumsy and irritating as the dark hallway can be, I’ve come to believe that it’s also a very necessary part of the process.

My inner emotional adult knows I’ve experienced and overcome dark painful hallways of transition before. It knows the hallway will eventually birth and prepare me for somewhere new. But the emotional child in me fears that this time, this one “unique” time, will be THE time when it won’t work out as well as it did before … it fears that THIS time the hallway will go on… forevvveeerrr.

But here’s the reality… nothing… NOTHING… stays the same. Ever. Life is cyclical. It’s not linear. When there is death, a closed door, or an end of an era… new life will ALWAYS come.

But here’s the REAL secret … there is life in the hallway too.

The hallway is a holding space, an incubator for new life to form… These moments of transition are the paradoxes of life. It’s during these times that we are both afraid and hopeful… held and not held… We are both at the mercy of life and in the grace of life… The hallway is not either or… The hallway is the… And…

So don’t give up thinking life is over in the hallway. And don’t be in such a frantic hurry to find the next door that you miss the healthy and healing order of things.

You are NOT a victim to the hallway or to anyone else that played a part in you getting there. This hallway is conspiring for you.

You have not come this far to settle… or give up in the hallway.

Light and Love! xo

I’m back from Glastonbury!

I’m back from Glastonbury!

I’m back in Nashville after a week in Glastonbury, England also known as Avalon. I was on a Sacred Pilgrimage with 20 amazing women from around the world. It was a beautiful time of honoring the essence of the feminine, communing with nature, and connecting with like-minded people.

While there, I was reminded of the importance of ceremony and ritual.. I was also reminded of what a gift it is to do deep, personal soul work within the limitless confines of community.

During our days there, we set aside time to do personal inquiry and listen to the whispers of our souls. We focused on two simple but powerful questions:

1. What is FALLING away? In other words, what is no longer working in my life or contributing to my evolution as a fully alive human being?

2. Even more, what is RISING in me? Or, what is wanting to awaken and be given voice thru me? 

Good news – this time of year is actually a perfect time to ask yourself these questions: What is falling way? What is rising in me? What wants to come forth now more than ever? What is the Universe, God and your soul asking for you to release or step into?

The reason this time of year is set up for these questions is that we’ve just entered into Summer Solstice. (June 20th- 23rd. )

Summer Solstice is the space of time that marks the longest day of the year and shortest night of the year. Solstice means “the point at which the sun seems to stand still”.

It is an auspicious time to celebrate self-expression and things you want to manifest in your life.  It is a time to celebrate abundance since the sun is at its peak of creative energy yield.

In ancient times this space was celebrated with festivals and ceremonies near megaliths or monuments like standing stones and stone circles; these ceremonies always happened at either sunrise or sunset. Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Eve was also inspired by this time of the year.

So while most modern day people associate it with the first day of pool parties, BBQ’s and summer break, I encourage you to become more conscious and connected to the deeper wisdom of this fundamental time. Use this energy to do some personal exploration and celebrate what is rising in you.

There is an intimate connection between the seen and the unseen and observing these seasons helps us establish harmony between the human world, natural world, and the divine.

Part of what is rising in me is to attune myself deeper to these rhythms and cycles of the earth. And to begin to hold more ceremonies and rituals to honor and remember this ancient wisdom.

What about you… What is RISING in you??

Light and Love! xo

March: What’s Lighting Me Up?!

March: What’s Lighting Me Up?!




A friend introduced me to Melissa’s interview with Kirsty Wirth from Kultured Wellness. Y’all… you HAVE to listen to this podcast! HAVE TO! Every woman and man (especially those who ever want to procreate) needs to listen to this podcast episode—Heal Your Gut, Heal Your Life with Kirsty Wirth. I thought I knew a lot about digestive health, but holy moly, there was so much of this I didn’t know. So grateful to learn it!



I know, I know…. the menstrual cycle is lighting me up?! But it’s true… The more I learn about it, the more excited I get about it! We are taught our menstrual cycles are a “curse” or that it has to be a miserable time of the month that all men fear and women dread. Unfortunately, this stigma comes because we don’t know the true nature of how a Woman’s body works, and how inextricably it is linked to the moon. Knowing and embracing the cycles of the moon is knowing our true nature and feeling at home in our bodies. It’s important to know the 4 different stages of the menstrual cycle + what activities to do during each phase. It’s important to know your hormones affect your cycle, your fertility, and your life: sex drive, mood, energy, weight, and skin. Want to learn more? Tips for how to do it?

Check out:

Alisa Vitti’s work at 

Sara Gottfried, M.D. work at 

Dr. Christiane Northrup work at



You Want It Darker is the 14th and final studio album for Leonard Cohen. Leonard always scratches a moody music itch for me… When it’s gray outside, I play it on repeat.



Random huh?! One episode playing in the background when I’m stressed or anxious and I’m like I’m floating on a happy cloud.;) Sounds crazy but I dare you to try it and see if it doesn’t make you feel like you’ve just taken a Xanax. ha!:)



After body brushing and a bath, I apply organic sesame or coconut oil to my skin. Our skin is the largest organ so it’s important to hydrate and use organic whenever possible.

When I really want to indulge, I use Elizabeth W’s Orange Flower Chamomile Body Oil. It’s amazing! From their website, “Nurturing, tranquil, softly soothing. A floral bouquet of orange flowers, ylang-ylang and iris extracts, enlivened by the rich balsamic notes of Roman chamomile.”

I buy it from my friend Holly Williams’s store, White’s Mercantile, in Nashville, TN. Tell her I sent you!



“The mind, once stretched by a new idea, never returns to its original dimensions.” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson.

I’m a perpetual student and adore learning about things that interest me. The Skill Share is my favorite online place filled with classes (design, writing, digital, photography, songwriting, computers, etc.)  that could keep your mind expanding forever.



If you know me, you know my love for all things Martha Beck. (Hint: I’m a Certified Martha Beck Life Coach). This book changed my life back in 2009 and I will forever be grateful. I’ve been diving back in this book with a new client and I’m falling in love with it all over again. Check it out HERE

I’m thinking about doing a book study on it this spring or summer… Thoughts?? Let me know if you’re interested!!



Adore this new series by my friend and fabulous photographer, Michelle Arnold. The background image is a cyanotype of a starry sky – reminding us that we are all made of stardust. Each symbol, which is hand gold leafed, represents different aspects of the divine feminine. See the whole series at HERE.


Did any of these LIGHT you up?!  Let me know! And leave a comment below and tell me what’s LIGHTING you up lately!

Love and Light! xo


10 Signs You Are Having a Spiritual Awakening And Don’t Know It!

10 Signs You Are Having a Spiritual Awakening And Don’t Know It!

“Awake My Soul!” – Mumford and Sons

“The mind, once stretched by a new idea, never returns to its original dimensions.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Back in 2009, I was dissatisfied with my career, relationships, and life… I was hungry for something more but didn’t know what I was looking for. I started reading books on finding your purpose and discovering your passions. I learned “new” words like Universe, Energy, and Law of Attraction. I became obsessed with books about spirituality and the mysteries of the Universe. 

I didn’t realize it then but I was having a spiritual awakening.

As exciting as that might sound, it was also very confusing time for me. I had been raised in a Christian home and church so I was taught that my spiritual nutrients should come from the Bible only. My new spiritual curiosity kinda frightened me. I felt a strange mixture of guilt and excitement. I also felt very isolated in my new quest for understanding my experiences and new knowledge. 

Many of my clients come to me in that same place of dissatisfaction and hunger. Their interests and beliefs have slowly started to shift from what they’ve always known and are moving into unfamiliar territory. 

What I tell them is this… 

They are in the beginning stages of having a spiritual awakening. 

What is a Spiritual Awakening?

Here’s my definition… It’s when you start questioning what you thought you knew about how the Universe works…When you begin to realize that the mystery of The Universe/God/Source is more vast and infinite than you ever imagined. It means you start opening up to the possibility that things/life/people are not just good or bad, or right or wrong.  

However, if you didn’t know what was happening to you, you might judge or shame yourself into thinking something was intrinsically wrong… that you were bad… the devil was confusing you… or that you were getting off track spiritually.

Any of this sound familiar??

If so, here are 10 Signs You Are Having a Spiritual Awakening And Might Not Know It! 

  1. You feel restless and anxious like time is running out… you just “know” there’s more to your life than you’re living and you need to get to it! 
  2. Meaningless conversations and activities don’t interest you anymore. You feel like you’re not fitting in with your job and relationships. The same conversations, jokes, topics just don’t feel funny or interesting anymore… 
  3. An overwhelming urge to learn something about spirituality and creativity. 
  4. The desire to move or travel or learn about new cultures… 
  5. You have a blank space on what’s next in your life. You use to have a vision for things but all the sudden it feels unknown and uncertain. 
  6. You begin to see repetitive numbers like 444, 55, 1111, 22, or the same number over and over. (These are nature’s symbols. Numbers are how nature expresses itself. Music is the universal language and music is based on numbers. Superstition is fear based, whereas synchronicity is a sign of alignment.)
  7. You become a truth seeker – seek out experiences to discover your own truth, not based on someone else’s. 
  8. Your old ways of soothing and coping with stress or negative emotions aren’t working anymore…you often feel like you’re unraveling.
  9. Dreams more vivid and easier to remember. 
  10. The desire to purge your “stuff”, emotionally and physically. You feel ready to shed old structures and constructs. You want to lighten up and expand. 

Waking up or becoming more conscious in your life doesn’t mean you have to do spiritual work for a living or radically change your life. It doesn’t mean you have to hike the Himalayas or meditate with monks and gurus. And it doesn’t mean you don’t love Jesus anymore either! It just means you’re ready to experience a deeper, richer, and more soul-satisfying way of living. 

I encourage you to drop the fear and wade into the proverbial water. Trust that the current will take you where you need to go. 

Want to learn more about how your soul speaks?

Need help navigating your spiritual journey? 

Let’s work together! xo